rené van de vondervoort

About my work:

I think one could say I'm a "savage thinker", as defined by Claude Lévi-Strauss. I gather all kinds of things, reassemble them in new Objects or Installations. In my Paintings I usually start with applying structures on the canvas. Then a communication-process starts between the canvas and myself. What do I see in these structures, what can I add? How much can I add and when is the time to stop?

Like a bricoleur, I use whatever materials are at hand. But I sometimes also know exactly what material properties I need and then search for something like that. Often it's the materiality that interests me about an object, or how it's called (name) and what associations arise from the word/ the object. In this way I organise my thoughts about things I have experienced, read about, themes that interest me. Our Interests filter the Perception of our surroundings and daily experiences. Images are stored in my visual memory, they then become a source of material to recombine, to deconstruct and rearrange.

Savage thinking goes deeper than thoughts I can express orally. It brings up sediments I can not access immediately by means of will. It takes time for things to settle and rise up again. For me this is the way to create something new. Creation is also about making choices. I don't want to restrict my work to one medium. The choice of medium is also a part of the entire process of creating, and not always my first choice turns out to be the right choice. These things evolve in the process. It's not the medium itself I'm interested in. Like Bruno Latour I believe that all things are connected. Maybe my works can be described than as Hybrids.

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